Tinkerbell just completed her surgery and is doing well. Stay tuned! I need some serious grown up help. I'm Tinkerbell and I think I should be forever young. I found out today though that my youth was wasted with people who neglected my health to such a degree that I may not live forever. I have a large tumor that I've been dragging around on my hiney. Although I have cloudy eyes even I can see it and I know it must be removed along with a broken tooth so maybe I can live awhile longer? I'm having surgery and then I'm going to find a forever home even if it's for a short time with people who know just how wonderful I am. I have no bad habits and know once my tumor is removed and I can be groomed I'll be beautiful.

Note: Tinkerbell medical update: Amazing what surgery together with incredible care can do for a dog given up after a lifetime of neglect. Before and After photos. Sugery removed several tumors from her hiney which is healing nicely. Thank you for your support to our medical fund to make Tinkerbell comfortable and have a nice bath and grooming

If you would like to fill out an adoption application on me you can click here journeyhomerescue.us/applications/ OR you can email us at journeyhomerescue@outlook.com and we'll email it to you. Also, if you have any more questions, please email us and we'll do our best to answer them.

To donate toward my surgery PayPal Journeyhomerescue@outlook.com. Tell them it's for Tinkerbells forever young fund.