$Medical Needs$

Though our adoption fees do not cover all the costs associated with rescue, we never want to have to turn down a dog because of medical needs, or to end treatment due to cost alone. Donations are critical to the survival of the rescue dogs and making a monumental impact on the life program, insuring another dog will never suffer. We can not do this alone!


Rescue or euthanize?
We took Maggie May into rescue knowing that a vet had xrayed and diagnosed cancer with a few months to live. We did a massive search for a hospice foster to include altitude as we were informed that different altitudes would hasten her death. We placed Maggie in a hospice home in Kennewick. Maggie rapidly declined and today she was taken in to be humanely euthanized. Thankfully Vista Veterinary Hospital offered to re X-ray as the records sent were unclear. Maggie May is very very very sick. She has a massive kidney infection and is now a "down dog". However, they believe she can be saved and we of course said yes please try! While we are so grateful to their team of vets we are now needing assistance to give Maggie May a chance! We don't want to bash the previous vet but this poor thing suffered needlessly because of a wrong diagnosis! If you can help please PayPal journeyhomerescue@outlook.com or call to pay the vet directly (Vista Veterinary (509) 783-2131) on Maggie's Mays behalf and let's all pray we weren't to late and she gets a second chance.