Hi there - I'm Logan and I am the product of a backyard breeder - that cute little Labradoodle puppy no one wants, yep, that was me. Now I need to learn how to trust, accept loving touches, and learn that life is so much more than the isolation I knew the first part of my life. I started out in a back yard breeder environment, no socialization at all, no outside stimulation, so I'm having a hard time adjusting to this new world I've been put into after being rescued. I'm trying to stretch my boundaries a bit, I have made slow progress. Here's some info from my foster mom - he responds to his name and will go in and outside now that we have a routine established. He has NEVER had an accident in the house. Loves bully sticks, likes respectful kids and cats. He likes treats but will only accept food from me, his mom, so far and occasionally one of the kids. He does okay on car rides and on the leash. Just very scared. He loves to be pet and loves when I sit with him. I even got to rub his belly the other day... he has a goofy personality and will run to me and wag his tail and jump on me when we go outside and bounce like he has springs on his feet and then run like the devil is after him if I so much as look at him. He appreciates people getting on his level and knowing dog body language. He has a gentle, willing spirit and wants to trust. If you would like more information about fostering or adopting Logan, please email journeyhomerescue@outlook.com or click below to download our application and email it back to us at your earliest convenience.