Keebler We can now answer the question "what breed is he" on Keebler. The Wisdom Panel results are in and, drum roll please.... 37.5% Australian Cattle Dog 12.5% Border Collie 12.5% Pekingese (WHAT???) 12.5% Miniature Poodle (really???) 12.5% Pug (didn't see that coming!!!) 12.5% other So if you'd like to have an Austraborderingeseoodleug as your new dog - then Keebler is your guy!!! Keebler is certainly a herding dog and would probably do best with older kids, bigger than him dogs and very dog savy cats. Keebler loves to play with toys, is pretty good with fetch and he loves to play chase with his foster brother dog - they run like their tails are on fire. He is a morning person as well - so if you'd like to get up and out for a jog or walk first thing in the morning - he's your guy. He loves to snuggle too, he's a great lap dog. He's housetrained, good on a leash, up to date on his shots, chipped and neutered. He is currently located in Southern Idaho. We're asking for a donation of $350 for his adoption, we do our best to provide transport in the northwest area. If you would like to bring this unique guy into your family please fill out an application and ask about Keebler.