This pretty girl is less than a year old and boy does she have a story to tell. Emma and a few of her friends, came to us a few months ago. She was one of the Labradors that was a part of a Labradoodle breeding/hoarding situation. She had little to no socialization and was afraid of everything and everyone. Due to this situation, she's very sensitive to raised voices or if she senses anger she will try to hide from it. She's currently very afraid of men and we're not sure that this is something she'll overcome. It's amazing what a few months in a great foster home has done for her. Emma is quickly learning how to be part of a family. She loves to play with toys, other dogs and really likes cats. She's much like a child learning new things she's never known. Emma needs to be in a calm environment, preferably a single women with older children and another pet is essential, Emma can't be an only pet. She's getting better with walking on a leash, she's house trained and is a smart student, wanting to learn. For more about Emma, please go to our web page journeyhomerescue.us, there are adoption applications available for you to download, or email journeyhomerescue@outlook.com and we'll email you one. We're asking a donation of $350 to adopt this lovely girl. Photo Courtesy of Dana Gunnel Photography Emma