Echo here - the best guess is that I'm an Australian Shepherd/Idaho Shag. I'm just a pup still at 10-12 months old and I'm a boy. Idaho Shags were breed for their stamina, they are able to go with cattlemen and do their job all day. Cattle dogs of any breed are extremely loyal. Shags are a combination of Border Collie, Wheaten Terrier, Bearded Collie, Airedale and some Heeler. Echo is one smart dog. He is very alert to everything around him. He loves to play with other dogs, it's as yet unknown how he is around kids or cats. How ever due to their breeding they aren't recommended to be around cats and best to be around older kids. Echo needs a job, he needs something to stimulate him both mentally and physically every day. He would probably be a great agility dog. This is not a dog for apartment living, he needs room to run and explore. As a stray, his past is unknown.
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Photos Courtesy of Dana Gunnell Photography