Bullet & Chubbs

Hi there - I'm Bullet, with black ears and I'm Chubbs!
We're around 5 years old, we've been together our whole lives and can't be without each other. We're Maltese Chihuahua cross and we have this attractive, functional hair cut because we live out in the country and even though we prefer to be inside, we do like to take a run once in awhile and our parents don't want cheatgrass to get in out coats - but when it grows out, we are very handsome with beautiful coats. Oh - and we are low shedding dogs - who doesn't that!
We are coming into rescue because our parents have to move and can no longer keep us - they are quite heartbroken and want us to have the best home possible. We love to play fetch, we come when called and we have pretty good manners all around.
We're neutered and up to date on all our vaccinations.
We're asking for an adoption fee of $400 us both ($200each)