Buddy has had his surgery and is ready to move forward with his life and into a new home. The short backstory on Buddy, he was shot in the eye and that resulted in him losing the only home he’s ever known.
Buddy is a Chocolate Lab, he’s 7-8 years old, weigh in at between 75-80 pounds. Buddy has to be an only pet, this is nonnegotiable. He’s not aggressive in any way, he just need one on one attention.
He needs a calm, consistent hand to help him gain his confidence again. He’s going to need a refresher course on good potty habits, his world has been turned upside down and it has made him insecure and anxious, so he pees when he’s nervous – but we feel that once he’s settled into his new home and feels secure this will stop.
We’re asking for a $350 donation for his adoption. If you’re interested in Buddy, please email journeyhomerescue@outlook.com or go to our website and download our application there journeyhomerescue.us.
Photo's courtesy - Dana Gunnell Photography