Foster Home Forms

Adoption Application

Our Adoption Process:

1. Complete and submit adoption application.

2. The rescue board will review all applications, the processing does not happen over night, several things are factored in to a decision to take the next step, including: Is this the home for this particular dog.

3. Scheduling a home visit. This can take up to a week to schedule with time and day best for potential adopter and the home visit person.

4. After the home visit, a report is submitted to the rescue for reviewing. At that time all factors are taken into close consideration and a decision is made.

5. The potential adopter will be notified by email, as do you still want to bring this dog into your home.

6. The adoption process is not something we take lightly, we do the best we can based on what we know and observe about the dog, applications, home visit and other gathered information needed to make a decision in the best interest of the dog, to make sure this is the right home for this particular dog.

7. This is our reason for rescue to place each dog in the best possible home for that dog, for that reason we try and do this in a timely manner, however some take longer then others.