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Journey Home Rescue is a multi-state rescue operation serving Idaho, Washington and Oregon. We were founded by four women who have a passion for rescue animals. Between them, our founders have over 80 years of experience in the dog rescue sector.

We find foster families to care for the rescues while they're waiting for adoption. Our foster families work closely with us to determine the temperament, personality and needs of each dog, so we can match them with the perfect family.

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5 benefits of working with foster families

Journey Home Rescue cares deeply about the treatment and care for the rescues while they're waiting to find a home. Here's why we utilize the fostering process:

  1. The foster families help socialize the dog to people and other dogs before adoption.
  2. This is the best way to give the dogs individual attention while they're waiting to be adopted.
  3. This makes it easier on Journey Home Rescue to care for all the dogs.
  4. All of our foster families have a big heart for these dogs and want to give back in this way.
  5. Our foster families will assess the needs and personalities of the dogs to help us match them with their families.

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